Equipping migrant women to thrive in the Netherlands.

An empowerment and catalytic platform for aspiring women aiming to elevate from their potential to their true manifested selves, fulfilling their life purposes.

Don’t just be a woman, be extraordinary!
Thrive: 2024

One Year Follow Up Program

We Equip Migrant Women to reinvent, integrate, participate and become productive.

We are dedicated to enhancing the economic autonomy of high skilled women with a migration background.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our mission, our core values serve as the guiding principles that define Lydia Generation.



We value truthfulness, transparency and a strong sense of ethics.



We value making decisions that are fair, just, and in line with accepted standards.

Economic Independence

Economic Independence

Important to us is financial self-sufficiency and responsible economic practices.



We adhere to standards of behavior, we show respect for others, meet deadlines, and strive for excellence in our work.

Our Vision

to witness women empowered with a clear understanding of their potential, refining their skills, developing competencies, and evolving into holistic, original, unforgettable, and thriving individuals.

Our Mission

To empower migrant women to thrive in their host countries

We achieve this through our empowerment platform, offering education, transformative seminars, training sessions, masterminds, and sensitization programmes.

Empowerment in Action

Here, you’ll see migrant women develop new skills, gain confidence, and build meaningful connections.