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Thrive Program is for Women Participation, Integration, Economic Development and productivity aims to empower and uplift the women Migrants.

Migrant Women Empowerment Program

Happened on the 19th and 20th January, 2024. The aim of this program was to equip migrant women to thrive in the Netherlands by integrating, participating and being productive.

One Year FOLLOW UP Program (First Cohort - Week 1)

Our February cohort benefited from the expertise of Dr. Taslim Alade and Veena Joseph. Dr. Alade addressed the challenges of “Overcoming Self-Doubt and Impostor Syndrome” while Ms. Joseph facilitated a creative exploration of “Emotional Awareness through Painting” as part of our One Year Follow-up Programme.

One Year FOLLOW UP Program (First Cohort WEEK 2)

Continue your journey of personal development with the March cohort of Thrive Lydia Generation’s One Year Follow-up Programme. This in-depth program is designed to foster reinvention, self-integration, active participation in your life, and a boost in personal productivity.

One Year FOLLOW UP Program (First Cohort WEEK 3)

The third week of our year-long program is all about Effective Communication. Join us for in-depth sessions led by top professionals, get hands-on during our interactive workshops, and expand your professional network during dedicated networking time. 

One Year FOLLOW UP Program (First Cohort WEEK 4)

Master the intricacies of obtaining legal residency in the Netherlands this fourth week. Marisha Nizamoeddin, Attorney at Law at Senz Advocaten, will guide you through the essential documentation and residence permit processes. 

One Year FOLLOW UP Program (First Cohort WEEK 5)

Join us in Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW, Den Haag on 26 and 27 July 2024, featuring speakers Farli Rahimbaks and Myra Colis, who will discuss the importance of inburgering and the resilience mindset for thriving migrant women in the Netherlands.

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